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Find the Hidden Objects (6,288 hits)
4x4 Classic Transporter (6,405 hits)
Eat and Gulp (4,618 hits)
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The Stupid Test The Stupid Test
A test for to see if your stupid. If ...
158,395 hits Game Rating
Kung Fu Panda Kung Fu Panda
Kung Fu Panda, which is a puzzle game...
48,710 hits Game Rating
Munchy Man Munchy Man
A version of pacman.
26,543 hits Game Rating
Bejeweled Bejeweled
Play the sequel to the hit puzzle gam...
21,802 hits Game Rating
The Stupid Test 2 Jr High The Stupid Test 2 Jr High
The Stupid Test 2 is a hard Test but ...
17,843 hits Game Rating
Brainvita Brainvita

17,043 hits Game Rating
Bubble Breaker Bubble Breaker
Bubble Breaker is an arcade game on G...
15,403 hits Game Rating
Pumpkin Carving Pumpkin Carving

13,482 hits Game Rating
Hypertube Hypertube
Elevate yourself into the sky by simp...
12,904 hits Game Rating
Arix Tetris Arix Tetris
Arix is a game inspired by the classi...
12,432 hits Game Rating
Tetrollapse Light Tetrollapse Light
Another alone of the classic Tetris game
11,648 hits Game Rating
Rome Puzzle Rome Puzzle
Your Bejeweled skills will come in ha...
11,469 hits Game Rating
Bola Bola
The goal of this play is to eliminate...
11,296 hits Game Rating
X-Pipes X-Pipes
Connect all the given pipes to comple...
10,515 hits Game Rating
Multilevel Mahjong Solitaire Multilevel Mahjong Solitaire
Multilevel Mahjong Solitaire is an ar...
10,300 hits Game Rating
Different Picture 3 Different Picture 3
Here a play of observation where you ...
9,164 hits Game Rating
Pinboliada Pinboliada
If you take Bubble Bobble and stuff i...
8,898 hits Game Rating
Poptarts Postcard Jigsaw Poptarts Postcard Jigsaw
Picture Changing Jigsaw Puzzles turn ...
8,616 hits Game Rating
Lost Numbers 18 Lost Numbers 18
Lost Numbers 18 stands out as the eig...
8,328 hits Game Rating
The Stupid Test 3 The Stupid Test 3
The Stupid Test 3 is here! Definitly ...
8,136 hits Game Rating
3D-Maze 3D-Maze

8,022 hits Game Rating
American Football Hidden Alphabets American Football Hidden Alphabets
In American Football Hidden Alphabets...
7,872 hits Game Rating
Marooned Part 3 Marooned Part 3
In this part, you are stuck in the pa...
7,697 hits Game Rating
Build Your Coaster Build Your Coaster
The roller coaster is a popular amuse...
7,388 hits Game Rating
Apollo 11 Hidden Alphabets Apollo 11 Hidden Alphabets
In this game, you have to find out th...
7,237 hits Game Rating
Speedy Bubbles Speedy Bubbles
It's Bubble Bobble after drinking thr...
7,193 hits Game Rating
Staries 2 Staries 2
Staries 2 is an arcade game on Go To ...
7,191 hits Game Rating
New bike game New bike game
Jigsaw Puzzle - new bike game
7,175 hits Game Rating
Cyber-Box Cyber-Box

7,143 hits Game Rating
Mahjong Alchimie Mahjong Alchimie
Mahjong Alchimie is a skill game on G...
7,052 hits Game Rating
Reincarnation Demons Day Out Reincarnation Demons Day Out
Welcome to Reincarnation Demons Day O...
6,790 hits Game Rating
Add'em Up Add'em Up
Madness of a puzzle that's not so har...
6,775 hits Game Rating
 Christmas Maze Matching Christmas Maze Matching
Christmas Maze Matching is a simple, ...
6,558 hits Game Rating
Connect 2 Connect 2
Here a play inspired of famous the ma...
6,510 hits Game Rating
Rise of Atlantis Rise of Atlantis
Collect the 7 powers of Poseidon to r...
6,447 hits Game Rating
Priests and Devils Priests and Devils

6,406 hits Game Rating
Mahjong Animal Connect Mahjong Animal Connect

6,400 hits Game Rating
Rickshaw Jam Rickshaw Jam
This is a remake of the classic chine...
6,387 hits Game Rating
Mah-Jong Mayhem Mah-Jong Mayhem
Mah-Jong Mayhem is an arcade game o...
6,300 hits Game Rating
Find the Hidden Objects Find the Hidden Objects
Sarah has left some of her objects in...
6,288 hits Game Rating
Untangle Untangle
Untangle the web to progress to the n...
6,048 hits Game Rating
Halloween Deluxe Match 3 Halloween Deluxe Match 3
Great classic match 3 game with Hallo...
6,028 hits Game Rating
Addiction Puzzle Addiction Puzzle

6,006 hits Game Rating
Makos Makos

5,930 hits Game Rating
Tetris 2D Tetris 2D
Drop the blocks in this classic arcad...
5,906 hits Game Rating
Shanghai Dynasty Shanghai Dynasty
A clone of the popular Chinese tile g...
5,852 hits Game Rating
Mahjong Christmas Puzzles Mahjong Christmas Puzzles
This is a Christmas theme Mahjong gam...
5,780 hits Game Rating
Audi r8 puzzle Audi r8 puzzle
Dans ce puzzle représentant une magni...
5,743 hits Game Rating
Soccer Poster Puzzle Jigsaw Soccer Poster Puzzle Jigsaw
Soccer Puzzle
5,659 hits Game Rating
The Impossible Quiz The Impossible Quiz
It's not impossible, but you might di...
5,508 hits Game Rating
Age Of Japan 2 Age Of Japan 2
Age of Japan is an incredible puzzle ...
5,505 hits Game Rating
GTA Vice City Jigsaw 2 GTA Vice City Jigsaw 2
Jigsaw puzzle fun with 49 pieces of a...
5,468 hits Game Rating
Free Rider 2 Free Rider 2

5,453 hits Game Rating
Animal Mahjong Animal Mahjong
Animal Mahjong is an arcade game on G...
5,201 hits Game Rating
Puissance 4 Puissance 4
Connect 4, a very simple game and a c...
5,150 hits Game Rating
Mission Match Up Mission Match Up

5,127 hits Game Rating
Great Mahjong Great Mahjong
Classic mah-jongg chinese solitaire g...
5,075 hits Game Rating
Super monster truck Super monster truck
Jigsaw Puzzle - super monster truck
5,037 hits Game Rating
DR Joe DR Joe
In this game developed by Front Netwo...
4,945 hits Game Rating
Treasure Hunt II Treasure Hunt II

4,924 hits Game Rating
Aircraft Carrier Ship Aircraft Carrier Ship
Aircraft carrier ships are one of the...
4,860 hits Game Rating
The Visitor The Visitor
It is deep in the night. But there is...
4,856 hits Game Rating
Saw 4 Trapped Saw 4 Trapped
Saw escape game, watch and assist the...
4,856 hits Game Rating
Army tank Army tank
Jigsaw Puzzle - army tank
4,812 hits Game Rating
Square Square
Click on the color blocks to remove t...
4,774 hits Game Rating
Connect The Pipes Connect The Pipes
Welcome to the Connect the pipes. Her...
4,764 hits Game Rating
Penguin Push Penguin Push
Use the cursor keys to move. The obje...
4,764 hits Game Rating
Crete Photo Play Crete Photo Play
Find the 5 errors between the 2 photo...
4,692 hits Game Rating
Bond Escape 2 Bond Escape 2
In Bond Escape 2, you're stuck inside...
4,650 hits Game Rating
Escape the OMG Scary Room Escape the OMG Scary Room
OMFG69 UR TEH SUKZ0RZ! Dare to play. ...
4,534 hits Game Rating
Celtic Mahjong Celtic Mahjong
Celtic Mahjong is a classic game on G...
4,487 hits Game Rating
Aladdin's Quest Aladdin's Quest
Jasmine is been kidnapped by the evil...
4,461 hits Game Rating
Halloween Escape Halloween Escape
You are trapped in a Halloween house ...
4,440 hits Game Rating
Master Qwans Mahjongg Master Qwans Mahjongg
Master Qwans Mahjongg is an arcade ga...
4,384 hits Game Rating
Grid Iron Grid Iron

4,357 hits Game Rating
Line of Action Line of Action
Line of Action is a board game on Go ...
4,354 hits Game Rating
How Does Your Garden Grow How Does Your Garden Grow
Step into CyberChris’ muddy sho...
4,340 hits Game Rating
Barney Donosaur Kids Puzzle Barney Donosaur Kids Puzzle
Barney donosaur kids puzzle.
4,338 hits Game Rating
Coball Coball
Remove all balls within the time allo...
4,289 hits Game Rating
Puzzle Freak Puzzle Freak
A puzzle board game with a bunch of f...
4,285 hits Game Rating
Yellow Out Yellow Out
This is similar to the Chinese puzzle...
4,250 hits Game Rating
Candy Shoot Candy Shoot

4,217 hits Game Rating
Mahjong Mahjong
Clone of the popular classic tile bas...
4,151 hits Game Rating
Xmas Treats Xmas Treats
Sure, a little late, but enjoy this C...
4,126 hits Game Rating
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