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Eva D'Elf Facial Make Up (10,731 hits)
Help Mum Hidden Object (17,833 hits)
Baby Selena Back to School (19,855 hits)
Find the Hidden Objects (7,644 hits)
4x4 Classic Transporter (8,639 hits)
Eat and Gulp (6,397 hits)
Mr Teeth Decor Game (8,400 hits)
One Touch Maths (4,968 hits)
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Dance Dance Obama Dance Dance Obama
Help Mr Obama to dance as long as you...
1,640 hits Game Rating
Tower Builder Tower Builder
Use the falling bricks to build the h...
866 hits Game Rating
Asylum Asylum
Solve the riddles of your own hell. T...
1,096 hits Game Rating
Elements PvP Elements PvP
Elements is a free fantasy online car...
5,354 hits Game Rating
BioBots BioBots
An army of biodegradables and recycla...
1,056 hits Game Rating
Box Office Box Office
Turn you box office into a huge enter...
815 hits Game Rating
Multiplayer Backgammon Multiplayer Backgammon
The object of this game is to move al...
935 hits Game Rating
Ramble Scramble - Come2Play Ramble Scramble - Come2Play
Make words and steal them from your f...
1,423 hits Game Rating
Bakugan Memory Game Bakugan Memory Game
Bakugan cards matching game.
919 hits Game Rating
King Jester King Jester
Using your arrow keys guide King Jest...
806 hits Game Rating
Country House Country House
Puzzle game with country houses. The ...
950 hits Game Rating
Scissors Paper Rock Extreme! Scissors Paper Rock Extreme!
Scissors paper rock, but extreme to t...
895 hits Game Rating
St Petersbomb St Petersbomb
Dangerous terrorists have set bombs i...
792 hits Game Rating
Cartoon Network Ben 10 Finale Battle Cartoon Network Ben 10 Finale Battle
It is the final battle of Ben, you ha...
1,191 hits Game Rating
Kill Grey Dots Kill Grey Dots
fast action game made in 4h Instru...
827 hits Game Rating
Casino Slots Metal Casino Slots Metal
One of the most popular Casino games ...
856 hits Game Rating
Savanna Blocks Savanna Blocks
Click and drag mouse to draw lines. C...
770 hits Game Rating
Michigan Hawk Michigan Hawk
Are you the one who can survive the d...
990 hits Game Rating
GoMad: The Escape! GoMad: The Escape!
Slide blocks around until you can get...
882 hits Game Rating
Cars Memory Match Cars Memory Match
Cars match game.
875 hits Game Rating
Jungle Squares Jungle Squares
Slide tiles into numerical order to s...
872 hits Game Rating
Poker Drop Poker Drop
Win big or go home in Poker Drop! Mak...
1,013 hits Game Rating
Multiplayer Chinese Checkers Multiplayer Chinese Checkers
This is the acient game of Chinese Ch...
864 hits Game Rating
Whack-A-Doof Whack-A-Doof
Ever get that feeling where you just ...
919 hits Game Rating
Magic Foods Magic Foods
Fix the ingredients appropriately on ...
765 hits Game Rating
Word Minute Word Minute
You are given 60 seconds to create as...
1,073 hits Game Rating
Dino Evolution Dino Evolution
-Evo Battle Card Play this 33 levels ...
1,136 hits Game Rating
Black Jack by Black Ace Poker Black Jack by Black Ace Poker
Welcome to Black Ace Poker's Casino! ...
1,025 hits Game Rating
Monstagon Monstagon
Another all-time favourite retro game...
1,000 hits Game Rating
4 Connect 4 Connect
4 Connect Instructions: 4 connect.
954 hits Game Rating
Scary Match Scary Match
scary match is the worlds scariest me...
2,428 hits Game Rating
Night Balloons Night Balloons
Catch balloons and match them with Fr...
999 hits Game Rating
Hiperbillar Hiperbillar
Addictive pool game Instructions: ...
889 hits Game Rating
Multiplayer Whiteboard Multiplayer Whiteboard
Invite your friend. Use pen tool. Sel...
1,044 hits Game Rating
Pet Society Jigsaw Pet Society Jigsaw
Two puzzles in one with pictures of M...
1,120 hits Game Rating
Random Chess Random Chess
Play multiplayer chess with randomize...
1,026 hits Game Rating
Multiplayer Five In A Row Multiplayer Five In A Row
In this game there will be a board of...
985 hits Game Rating
Magic Factory Magic Factory
A wonderful spot-the-differences game...
786 hits Game Rating
School Age: Sea Battle School Age: Sea Battle
Classic battleships game on 10x10 cel...
965 hits Game Rating
DinoKids - Dino Match DinoKids - Dino Match
DinoKids - Dino Match is simple, fun ...
890 hits Game Rating
Spinner: Melon Rush Spinner: Melon Rush
Spinner: Melon Rush is your classic t...
935 hits Game Rating
Peek-a-Boo Peek-a-Boo
Find matching aliens in this fun & Ad...
1,356 hits Game Rating
Free Games Nutshell Free Games Nutshell Nutshell Game is a...
954 hits Game Rating
What's That Spell? What's That Spell?
Spell Anagram's from Memory! Instr...
858 hits Game Rating
Prehistoric Slots Prehistoric Slots
Prehistoric Slots is a fun game, whic...
941 hits Game Rating
Nosobow Nosobow
The pieces all look terribly similar ...
953 hits Game Rating
Lights Out! Lights Out!
Get the combination right and switch ...
1,059 hits Game Rating
Michojoi Marbles Michojoi Marbles
This is an old board game, where you ...
863 hits Game Rating
If you like scrabble or crossword puz...
1,075 hits Game Rating
Citode Citode
Circles Tower Defence
1,052 hits Game Rating
Syrup Factory Syrup Factory
You are the Syrup Factory manager. ...
934 hits Game Rating
Dance Couple Dance Couple
Dress up the dancing girl with her bo...
1,046 hits Game Rating
Kings of Conquest Kings of Conquest
Old school territory war game, better...
1,087 hits Game Rating
Hot Tub Poker Hot Tub Poker
Hot Tub Poker is a live multiplayer T...
961 hits Game Rating
Ederon: Phoenix Rising Ederon: Phoenix Rising
Ederon: Phoenix Rising is the new exp...
990 hits Game Rating
The Best Of Ben10 The Best Of Ben10
The Best of Ben10 ! Best Ben10 6 Pict...
999 hits Game Rating
Whizz Wordz Whizz Wordz
Addictive word based game similar to ...
1,188 hits Game Rating
Smiley Triple Smiley Triple
Find a triple of smilies in time. Eac...
949 hits Game Rating
DinoKids - Finding Eyes DinoKids - Finding Eyes
DinoKids - Finding Eyes is simple and...
819 hits Game Rating
Beach Reversi (aka Othello) Beach Reversi (aka Othello)
The popular game of reversi, also kno...
1,055 hits Game Rating
Pictures For Young Children Pictures For Young Children
Online puzzle game for young children...
1,071 hits Game Rating
Flip It II Flip It II
In this game there will be a grid of ...
1,039 hits Game Rating
Colour Money Colour Money
Do you think its easy to collect fall...
857 hits Game Rating
Classic Blackjack Classic Blackjack
This is not a dream! This is the very...
858 hits Game Rating
RoBiju RoBiju
Play This exciting Multiplayer Match ...
904 hits Game Rating
Krank Krank
Catch enemy in the red circle. Wait b...
1,082 hits Game Rating
Matching cats Matching cats
Match pairs of cat pictures ( 2 dogs ...
1,177 hits Game Rating
The Ultimate Quiz The Ultimate Quiz
A short quiz of epic questions!
1,018 hits Game Rating
Whirled Werewolf Whirled Werewolf
There are werewolves among us. You ma...
3,389 hits Game Rating
Island Pai Gow Poker Island Pai Gow Poker
Many palms, the sun and the beach mak...
1,045 hits Game Rating
The Tower 1 The Tower 1
You have been traped in a tower, you ...
929 hits Game Rating
Galactic Invaders: Invade and Conquer The Universe Galactic Invaders: Invade and Conquer The Universe
Destroy enemy battleships and conquer...
1,022 hits Game Rating
The Original Word Burst The Original Word Burst
The Original Word Burst is a fast-pac...
1,195 hits Game Rating
Original FG Mah Jongg 2 Original FG Mah Jongg 2
Original FG Mah Jongg 2 is a classic ...
1,016 hits Game Rating
Gomoku Ninuki localPVP Gomoku Ninuki localPVP
The player who carries out one of the...
1,830 hits Game Rating
Free Words by Flash Games Fan Free Words by Flash Games Fan
Free Words is a classic word game. Th...
2,226 hits Game Rating
Cobble Swirl Cobble Swirl
Ancient themed, match 5 type game, wi...
1,149 hits Game Rating
WinX Jigsaw WinX Jigsaw
WinX jigsaw puzzle with 56 pieces. Dr...
878 hits Game Rating
Pandemic Boy Pandemic Boy
Evolve infect and kill people with yo...
878 hits Game Rating
Classic Pai Gow Poker Classic Pai Gow Poker
Comfortable atmosphere, nice music an...
840 hits Game Rating
Marble Match Marble Match
An original classic. Guess the secret...
1,267 hits Game Rating
Khun Khun
Digital version of ancient game Taila...
1,030 hits Game Rating
Ben 10 Mix Ben 10 Mix
Click on green arrows to scroll horiz...
1,081 hits Game Rating
Animal Kingdom Animal Kingdom
Spot all the differences from these s...
811 hits Game Rating
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