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Find the Hidden Objects (7,056 hits)
4x4 Classic Transporter (7,538 hits)
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Jump and Kill Jump and Kill
Make your player jump by mouse clicks...
1,660 hits Game Rating
8bit little killer 8bit little killer
Highly addictive retro-styled action ...
1,521 hits Game Rating
World On Fire World On Fire
The world is invaded by fire creature...
1,044 hits Game Rating
Uh Oh! Flying Saucers! Uh Oh! Flying Saucers!
Save the city and blast the flying sa...
1,302 hits Game Rating
Rush'n Attack 1 Rush'n Attack 1
A Classic game from FC. Instructio...
1,657 hits Game Rating
Defend Us Defend Us
Side scrolling shooter, inspired by a...
895 hits Game Rating
KidsScape KidsScape
This game is for Kids to train their ...
821 hits Game Rating
Sky Pirates Sky Pirates
Fly and shoot down enemies. Instru...
950 hits Game Rating
Jungle Attack! Jungle Attack!
The Animals Are Mad You Moved Into Th...
1,184 hits Game Rating
Duck the hero Duck the hero
Fly above opponent duck and hit them ...
1,040 hits Game Rating
Mecharon Mecharon
Different worlds have the same proble...
963 hits Game Rating
Great Eggscape Great Eggscape
Smuggle fresh eggs through the border...
989 hits Game Rating
Battle Blocks Battle Blocks
Click blocks to explode them, don't l...
959 hits Game Rating
Gabriel's Revenge Gabriel's Revenge
Gabriel's Revenge
895 hits Game Rating
Battle Rings Battle Rings
Bump away opponents and get closest t...
1,117 hits Game Rating
Mujica Vs. Qky Mujica Vs. Qky
Mujica Vs. Qky
986 hits Game Rating
One Wave TD One Wave TD
One wave, one life. Can you survive?
882 hits Game Rating
Captain America Captain America
Captain america is fighting for the j...
1,421 hits Game Rating
Drechu Drech I Drechu Drech I
Jump on your enemies! Help Drechu Dre...
1,096 hits Game Rating
You have been left behind to defend t...
1,012 hits Game Rating
Space Shooter X Space Shooter X
A 2D Retro space shooting game Ins...
1,132 hits Game Rating
World of Fighters World of Fighters
Fight against the best fighters in th...
1,019 hits Game Rating
Wipeout with ed edd n eddy Wipeout with ed edd n eddy
Its a fun game to play with your frie...
2,740 hits Game Rating
Alchemist 2 Alchemist 2
As an alchemist select the correct co...
1,140 hits Game Rating
CrazyLand CrazyLand
You are at CrazyLand a place where ve...
939 hits Game Rating
Tank'd in a Room Tank'd in a Room
Tank and shoot your way through horde...
964 hits Game Rating
Gaara vs Deidara 0.8 Gaara vs Deidara 0.8
Gaara vs Deidara 0.8 If You Like Naru...
1,293 hits Game Rating
Seek N Destroy Seek N Destroy
Seek and destroy all the 20 field gun...
1,104 hits Game Rating
Travel through different battlefields...
1,035 hits Game Rating
Flash Invaders Flash Invaders
Flash Invaders is a classic Space Inv...
1,097 hits Game Rating
Zombie King Zombie King
You are the zombie king in this game....
1,194 hits Game Rating
Harbor Defence Harbor Defence
disease has come on a ship in the fo...
1,023 hits Game Rating
Conqueror Conqueror
Can you conquer your enemy when the g...
966 hits Game Rating
Chic New Hairdo Chic New Hairdo
Gina is preparing for her birthday pa...
943 hits Game Rating
Freudian-Wars: Dream Rebellion Freudian-Wars: Dream Rebellion
Sigmund Freud is trapped in a crazy d...
993 hits Game Rating
QuarkStar QuarkStar
Yet another space shooter.
969 hits Game Rating
PandaRai PandaRai
Pandas with swords! Take control of a...
1,057 hits Game Rating
Yip Yap Yip Yap
Yip Yap is the basic Math game for ki...
2,117 hits Game Rating
Seek N Destroy-2 Seek N Destroy-2
Destroy the militant camps and the mi...
1,064 hits Game Rating
Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals Climbing Clive & The Rolling Rascals
Fast paced mini-platformer where your...
967 hits Game Rating
Dragon Girl Dragon Girl
You are Helda, a brave girl and a gre...
1,158 hits Game Rating
Never Ending Smiley Shooting Never Ending Smiley Shooting
Do you hate "Cute Smileys"? They are ...
1,235 hits Game Rating
Pocket Fighter Nova Pocket Fighter Nova
Pocket Fighter Nova is the flash rema...
1,210 hits Game Rating
Planet Hulk Gladiators Planet Hulk Gladiators
Compete in order to win your own free...
1,179 hits Game Rating
Chaos Faction 2 Chaos Faction 2
The long awaited sequel to the well-k...
1,878 hits Game Rating
Thugjacker Thugjacker
Life in the hood becomes poor quality...
1,082 hits Game Rating
Fatherly Bonds Da Game Fatherly Bonds Da Game
Fatherly Bonds Da Game is a small lit...
1,074 hits Game Rating
Mouse Megatron Mouse Megatron
Momotaropolis is under attack! Only y...
973 hits Game Rating
Hobo 3 - Wanted Hobo 3 - Wanted
Hobo 3 continues with the storyline e...
1,116 hits Game Rating
Fighter XL: Path to Glory Fighter XL: Path to Glory
Leave your key-mashing behind and use...
2,375 hits Game Rating
Box10 Brawl Box10 Brawl
Box10 Brawl is definitely one of the ...
1,095 hits Game Rating
Bunnies Attack Bunnies Attack
One day while out chopping trees, Jac...
1,049 hits Game Rating
This Bunny Kills 3: Die Hareder This Bunny Kills 3: Die Hareder
Die Hareder is the 3rd part of This B...
1,174 hits Game Rating
Kill Gore Kill Gore
Bull returns for revenge fully armed ...
1,042 hits Game Rating
Fighter's Rampage Fighter's Rampage
Pick your stick figure and fight agai...
931 hits Game Rating
Puppet Wars Puppet Wars
Step into the ring with Puppet Wars a...
974 hits Game Rating
This Bunny Kills 2: Just a Bunny This Bunny Kills 2: Just a Bunny
With weapon in hand, no one dares cal...
1,059 hits Game Rating
Hobo Prison Brawl Hobo Prison Brawl
Hobo is back! Last time we left him h...
1,321 hits Game Rating
Samurai's Blood 2 Samurai's Blood 2
This is the second part of the action...
1,185 hits Game Rating
Blackboard Blackboard
Help this little warrior to get throu...
1,202 hits Game Rating
Vault Assault Vault Assault
Beat the monsters, beat the levels an...
1,116 hits Game Rating
Capital Caveman Capital Caveman
Capital Caveman is a first person fig...
861 hits Game Rating
Troll's Rage Troll's Rage
Troll's Rage is side scrolling brawl ...
1,009 hits Game Rating
The Incredibles: Save the Day The Incredibles: Save the Day
Fight against enemies and earn points...
997 hits Game Rating
Harald Harald
Pillage and kidnap nuns, brutally mur...
987 hits Game Rating
Bathophobic Malacia Bathophobic Malacia
A cool fighting game where you fight ...
1,029 hits Game Rating
Medieval Mercenary Medieval Mercenary
You are the last Mercenary. Depend th...
1,099 hits Game Rating
Royal Thumble Royal Thumble
Fight the other thumb in a Rock, Pape...
1,073 hits Game Rating
The Journey to the East The Journey to the East
Fight your martial way to the east in...
1,000 hits Game Rating
Monkey King Monkey King
Fight your way through this action pa...
850 hits Game Rating
Knife Party Knife Party
In this game, knife party, you try to...
1,000 hits Game Rating
Naruto NG Naruto NG
Naruto NG is a game made with Naruto ...
1,121 hits Game Rating
Fury Officer Fury Officer
Play as an oppressed worker who goes ...
909 hits Game Rating
Warrior King Warrior King
Warrior King - Description will be he...
1,044 hits Game Rating
Barbarian Onslaught Barbarian Onslaught
Hack and slash your way through the h...
1,166 hits Game Rating
Chaos of Mana Chaos of Mana
Chaos of Mana - Description will be h...
903 hits Game Rating
Spear & Katana Spear & Katana
Spear & Katana - Description will be ...
904 hits Game Rating
Celebrity Scrap Club Celebrity Scrap Club
Celebrity Scrap Club - Description wi...
874 hits Game Rating
Maple Story Bandits Story Maple Story Bandits Story
Maple Story Bandits Story - Descripti...
816 hits Game Rating
Armed with Wings 2 Armed with Wings 2
Armed with Wings 2 - Description will...
1,009 hits Game Rating
Samurai Master Samurai Master
Samurai Master - Description will be ...
960 hits Game Rating
YanLoong Legend YanLoong Legend
YanLoong Legend - Description will be...
996 hits Game Rating
Batman Dynamic Double Team Batman Dynamic Double Team
Batman Dynamic Double Team - Descript...
930 hits Game Rating
Kung Fu Election Kung Fu Election
Kung Fu Election - Description will b...
1,205 hits Game Rating
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