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Game Info

Miracle of Kaaba

Demo for Cinema Film

Game Rating: 3
Game Hits: 14,228
5-Excellent 4-Very Good 3-Good 2-Fair 1-Poor
Comments of This Game:
's Profile Guest Player - Mongolia 2010-09-05
hi im mongolian it s very good
's Profile Guest Player - Pakistan 2010-04-05
mmndf jkfffpe fjeee meeff
's Profile Guest Player - Flash Games World 2009-09-14
islam is a dominating relegion who evr follows it is successful
's Profile Guest Player - Pakistan 2009-08-27
really this is true
's Profile Guest Player - Saudi Arabia 2009-07-07
amazing...absolutely spectacular, eye-opening, mind-boggling, beautiful! You, sir, have done us muslims a great service by showing this. Amazing!
's Profile Guest Player - Saudi Arabia 2009-06-10
im amuslim & we know that all ready
's Profile Guest Player - Pakistan 2009-06-02
's Profile Guest Player - Pakistan 2009-05-31
I loved it
and I am amazed

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