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Go around collect banana in this Flash game

(Played: 90)

Punch Osama in whatever way you like

(Played: 41)

Obtain powerful power-ups and devices to fight against the invading alien mor...

(Played: 112)

Fight again the infamous Ultraman in this cute fighting game

(Played: 49)

This game have no time limit. You may blast as many enemies as you wish but d...

(Played: 83)

Fujin train Sinjid to fight the Fallen Army

(Played: 103)

King Henry VIII is getting married again and to celebrate his wedding to wife...

(Played: 42)

Select your Xmas characters and fight it out

(Played: 53)

Fight terrorists In this unique side scrolling fighting game.

(Played: 74)

Play as one of the celebrity in this undergraound fight club

(Played: 44)

Fight against terrorists

(Played: 42)

"summon" as many minion as possible to fight the alien - by clicking your mou...

(Played: 61)

Fight the enemies air balloons and submarines

(Played: 62)

Fight against cakes, birds, worms and much more??.

(Played: 77)

Manage building and pilot your Star Wars spacecraft to fight against the evil...

(Played: 59)

Fight the Crocodile by throwing coconut at it

(Played: 57)

A 2-Player fighting game with story mode. Fight using the Malays Silay techni...

(Played: 58)

Stickman fighting on the working desk

(Played: 48)

Teddy Bear that use Tai Chi Kungfu in this street fight game

(Played: 47)

Control your skeleton character to fight other skeleton in the grave yard

(Played: 65)

Perform combos in this fighting game with unique graphic theme

(Played: 54)

Fight your opponents to qualify for the hall of fame.

(Played: 68)

Daphne has to fight all kinds of creatures.

(Played: 59)

The objective of the game is to knock out bullies that would try to terrorize...

(Played: 53)

Fight bad guys.

(Played: 45)

You are a commando of TLF squad and your mission is to infiltrate into enemy ...

(Played: 81)

Fight as an elite commando, who has dropped in enemy territory to destroy the...

(Played: 94)

The objective of the game is to survive by killing people that try to block y...

(Played: 80)

The aim of this game is to fight to the end inorder to get the magical onyx o...

(Played: 65)

It's your gang versus theirs. Chavs, Punks, Jocks and Hoodies, who will you ...

(Played: 93)

Wage war against different eras of soldiers as you build your city, purchase ...

(Played: 116)

Battle against the forces of Hell in this epic strategy game. Upgrade your fo...

(Played: 100)

The nasty fruits are after your pumpkin seedz, gather your vegetable forces a...

(Played: 81)

The aliens are invading your neighborhood and it's down to Spunky the Dog to ...

(Played: 68)

You play as Spartacus, as legend says: a true warrior fighting his freedom ou...

(Played: 60)

Its the second World War andamp; your a lone pilot in the skies. The best the...

(Played: 51)

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