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This new museum devoted to the infamous shipwreck is now open for business. C...

(Played: 207)

Join Samantha Plum on a fabulous food adventure in search of inspiration for ...

(Played: 203)

Samantha Plum now have admirers since the grand opening of The Loving Table r...

(Played: 195)

Samantha mastered the culinary arts and reunited with her dad, Dominique! Abo...

(Played: 180)

Can you unlock the secrets of the world’s most famous cruise liner?

(Played: 360)

This frog would much rather be a charming guy. Help the witch turn him from h...

(Played: 165)

These mystical creatures don’t quite match up…can you spot the differences?

(Played: 192)

The castle is such a mess! Can you find all the items before the time runs out?

(Played: 195)

Help Kristel make the toughest decision of her career in this electrifying se...

(Played: 190)

Get ready to rock out with this trio of musical mademoiselles.

(Played: 192)

Help Kristel make the toughest decision of her career in this electrifying se...

(Played: 224)

What mysteries are waiting for you in the pages of this enchanted tome?

(Played: 185)

A wrong step has sent Alexia tumbling down into a mysterious realm filled wit...

(Played: 175)

The final mysteries in a quest will be revealed in this last chapter of the e...

(Played: 212)

Celine and Ian thought their quest was over—but their adventures have only ju...

(Played: 184)

The search for your dream job stops here.

(Played: 194)

The search for your dream job stops here.

(Played: 215)

Macy has her sights set on a new shopping challenge: wedding accessories!

(Played: 199)

All that glitters is gold...

(Played: 178)

The dark depths of the oceans reveal many treasures—but only for those who da...

(Played: 216)

Ready for an exotic adventure?

(Played: 183)

Join Gwen, Grace, and Gabriella for a chocolatey Valentine adventure!

(Played: 190)

Take a train trip back in time...

(Played: 205)

Get your Santa on with a super-sized Christmas shopping spree!

(Played: 192)

It’s time to give thanks, it makes all the difference!

(Played: 172)

Sinister subterfuge is this film-noir detective's specialty...

(Played: 176)

Felix Clever's cat detective agency is at your service...

(Played: 188)

OK, new might think you're a mechanic, but really you're the maid!

(Played: 182)

This is the story of the little caterpillar that could.

(Played: 187)

There's a peculiar polkadot egg in the carton...

(Played: 356)

My, what big teeth you have...

(Played: 188)

Search your way through this shopaholic spending spree!

(Played: 172)

Search your way through this shopaholic spending spree!

(Played: 177)

Sun, sea, sand—and lots of surprises!

(Played: 184)

So they DO exist!

(Played: 189)

Swing through trees with the greatest of ease and splash around with happy hi...

(Played: 169)

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