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Use your Ninja power to attack the defender

(Played: 158)

Race around as either the Monkey (from Monkey Lander), Zed, or 3 Foot Ninja. ...

(Played: 476)

Kill the ninja warrior as the swordman

(Played: 285)

Guide Naruto to avoid the Ninja Shuriken

(Played: 184)

Fire Shuriken full speed and never let any Ninja come near you

(Played: 202)

Sequel to a great fighting game with a cute ninja character.

(Played: 343)

Kill the enemy ninja in this Digi Ninja game

(Played: 239)

Collect the lemon bonus in this cute Digi Ninja game

(Played: 258)

This is a ninja fighting game

(Played: 431)

Help your kingdom by saving the princess.

(Played: 175)

Play this addictive flash game and control the fat ninja to kill all the enem...

(Played: 275)

The objective of the game is to finish all the levels by killing the guards. ...

(Played: 392)

The objective of the game is to survive by killing people that try to block y...

(Played: 270)

The objective of the game is to be able to reach the exit without dying. You ...

(Played: 275)

The objective of the game is to complete missions for both sides. One hit kil...

(Played: 244)

With your ninja skills you have to pop all the bubbles in every challenging l...

(Played: 269)

The object of the game is to survive and take out enemy units and bosses. Col...

(Played: 238)

In this game your objective is to kill the evil master, who killed your sense...

(Played: 265)

Ninja Training Worlds is a side-scrolling action platform game in which you n...

(Played: 260)

Big Evil Yellow Cat stole the precious secret scrolls. Help our NinjaDogs fin...

(Played: 193)

CycloManiacs 2 by SuperVillains LongAnimals and robotJAM. Cyclo King is back,...

(Played: 204)

Can you become a Sticky Ninja Master? Try in this unusual platform / puzzle g...

(Played: 213)

Play as the amazing Ninja Hamster as you kill robots and collect sushi! A fas...

(Played: 273)

Ninjas have never been…painting! Prepare for a fast-paced colourful adv...

(Played: 248)

One ninja’s quest for gold in a world of inadvertently homicidal robots.

(Played: 170)

Sticky Ninja has completed his training and must now pay off his student debt...

(Played: 126)

Takeshi is about to begin his first mission. Will he make it back alive? That...

(Played: 99)

It's trial by death-trap to prove you're worth your bacon! Impress the Master...

(Played: 101)

It's trial by death-trap to prove you're worth your bacon! Impress the Master...

(Played: 100)

There's only one thing worse than a ninja attack and that's a ninja horde att...

(Played: 119)

He slices! He dices! He...mines? Tag along with the crazy ninja on another tr...

(Played: 166)

Use your supernaturally quick ninja skills to hunt down precious gems.

(Played: 109)

This kung fu piggy is on a mission for gold!

(Played: 90)

The early ninja catches the worm.

(Played: 94)

Trade in your nunchucks for a roller and a bucket of paint...

(Played: 103)

This modern ninja's ready to rumble through the urban jungle and make a serio...

(Played: 166)

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